Prevention of violence in the partnership

In the context of the Orange Campaign 2022 & 2023, Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE) clubs will raise awareness of the signs of a toxic relationship that will most likely end badly, in the form of physical violence.

We believe that violence should not happen in the first place and that it can be prevented by knowing the warning signs.

What about YOU? Have you noticed any of the following signs in your romantic relationship?
READ THE SIGNS and reflect on them!


exaggerating gestures, insisting that things get serious right away, flooding you with text messages and emails


banning you to talking to the opposite sex, pressing you to know private details of your life, crossing personal boundaries


unauthorised checking of your phone or emails, dictating to you on how to dress and behave, showing up uninvited


preventing you from seeing your friends or family, taking up all of your free time, badmouthing your social contacts



making negative comments about your appearance, downgrading your skills, disrespect your opinion, constantly questioning your personality


occasionally hiding your belongings or lying insistently to you making you believe you are crazy, causing you miss school or work


making you responsible, and blaming you for their problems, disclaiming their personal liability


having severe mood swings, overreacting to issues with uncontrollable outbursts of rage, pressuring you sexually, making you feel afraid

If you repeatedly observe these behavioral signs, then you should question the relationship. These are the first signs of dominance, which could end in psychological and even physical violence.

What should you do if you realize you may be in a toxic relationship?

… then it’s time to act!  You have to talk to a friend or another trustworthy person.

With the following link you can get professional help in YOUR COUNTRY:

For Switzerland:

NEW in  2023 – Mental Health Basics

By recognising the influence of mental health on our daily lives, we can enhance our comprehension of various life situations, including manipulation and group behaviours. With these foundational frameworks of seven mental health basics, we can identify areas in which our mental health requires adjustment, whether within our interactions with friends, family members, and/or colleagues.

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