A – Seeking Support

Unions / Clubs / Single clubs seeking support will submit project proposals to the Programme Team. The Programme Team will evaluate the project is responsible of communicating and requesting more information from the clubs before accepting and uploading it onto the SIE website.

Seeking Support in 4 steps

B – Offering Support

Unions / Clubs / Single clubs interested in supporting a project should review the list of eligible projects on the Soroptimist website. Unions / Clubs / Single clubs that are interested in supporting a project can contact the SIE Programme Team through the website.

Offering Support Possibilities

C – Eligibility for Support

The project must be a SIE Soroptimist project. It must be planned and executed by Soroptimist members. It cannot be a request for funding for another organization.

SIE PM Eligibility

D – Agreement

To ensure the smooth functioning of the partnership, the supported (aid-receiving) Union/Club /Single Club will sigh an agreement with SIE Headquarters detailing what is expected from both partners.

SIE PM Agreement