Project Description

War Zone Initiative – SI Romania

  • Focus: Elimination of violence against women
  • Location: Romania
  • Start date: Immediately until 07/09/2022
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Union of Romania
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: 1000

Funds needed:
€ 104,170

The requested funds have been reached!

The Project

Owing to the current situation in Ukraine and the large numbers of refugees entering, the Soroptimist Union of Romania aims to support refugees, mainly women and children. Our actions will include:

  • the purchase of essential items such as hygiene products,
  • help in finding accommodation,
  • help with access to psychological assistance, help with access to legal assistance,
  • help with access to interpreters and translators,
  • any information and support for women and children.

Our project is targeting 1000 women and children, first refugees who are coming in Romania by Isaccea frontier point and next we want to support women and children in refugees camps as Lunguletu, near Bucharest.

Person of contact: Carmen KLEIBEL /

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According to UNHCR  and governmental statistics over 750,000 refugees from Ukraine entered the territory of Romania. Many of them have chosen to stay in Romania. In some of the cities where there are clubs, the Soroptimists of Romania have testified of a large number of refugees and members of local clubs have started initiatives to assist these refugees. The new initiatives differ from the initial plan of the project and the efforts must be directed to the current needs.

The Soroptimists find that they need to focus on helping refugees to learn the Romanian language as a prerequisite for getting a job.

Many refugees are traumatized, both adults and children and they need qualified aid, and sessions for psychological support. Children have to be engaged in different activities, so they focus on the present and future and try to forget the trauma they went through.

Therefore, SI Romania wants to update the project with the activities here below. These are initiatives the Union wants to get involved in. This will be in the framework of the already published project updated with the following initiatives:

  • courses for learning Romanian and English,
  • sessions for psychological support,
  • payment of a Ukrainian language translator,
  • organization of play and relaxation corners for children,
  • cover the costs of car transport for refugees (women, girls, and children) if necessary, from the places where they are accommodated to the classrooms.

Thank you to all the contributors!

The requested funds have been reached.

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