Project Description

War Zone Initiative – SI Edinet (Moldova)

  • Focus: Violence against women and girls, health and food security
  • Location: Moldova, district of Edinet
  • Start date: Immediately
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Edinet (Moldova)
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: As much as possible

Funds needed:
€ 5,000 – however,
€ 3,000 is necessary to start the urgent assistance. Club members are helping refugees with their own means but the demands are huge.

The requested funds have been reached!

The Project

The goal of the project is to support the refugees, especially women and children coming to Moldova from Ukraine.

Objectives of the project:

  • to welcome and transport the refugees to places for living;
  • to supply the refugees with long/ short term support (food, clothing, medicines, hygiene products, means of communication, etc.);
  • to help with suitable inventories the shelters who give the refugees a place to stay
  • to help the refugees, who want to settle down in Edinet, integrate in our community;

Methods of implementing the project:

Individual and collective approach in identifying and supporting the refugees by the members of SI Edinet. The project will be implemented mainly on the territory of Edinet district, but it will be also carried on at the borders of Moldova with Ukraine.

Expected outcomes

  • 5 000 refugees welcomed at the border with hot meal and drinks:
  • 1000 refugees transported to Edinet;
  • 5 meetings for Ukrainian women and children;
  • 500 women and children supplied with all necessary goods for living (food, clothing, space for living, medicines, hygiene products, etc.) for at least three months:
  • 50 families settled down in Edinet.

Person of contact: Iona CIUMAC, Secretary of SI Edinet /


The war situation from Ukraine caused a flow of refugees that come to Moldova- 350,886 according to UNHCR data from March 16th 2022. Daily, thousands of Ukrainian women and children and elderly ale entering our country. They need a temporary support to overcome this difficult situation and adapt to a new community.

Local Partners:

  • the monastery Manastirea “Nasterea Domnului”in village Zabriceni, district of Edinet.
  • the Donduseni Center for refugees.

Evaluation – Follow-up

The evaluation of the project will be realised through questionnaire addressed to the refugees, photos and videos about activities realised will be provided. At the end, a report about the implementation of the project will be released.

Thank you to all the contributors!

The requested funds have been reached.

The Club has received donations amounting to € 5518.38.

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