Project Description

War zone initiative “helping our neighbours in the war zone”, SI Edinet (Moldova)

  • Focus: Health & food security
  • Location: Moldova & border territory in Ukraine
  • Start date: Immediately, and as long as the war is going on. Starting with a period of 3 months.
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Edinet
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: as much as possible

Funds needed:
€ 15,000

The requested funds have been reached!

The Project

The goal of this project is to assist with inventory, consumable, food, hygiene items, clothing, medicine and medical supplies as well as transport from Republic of Moldova, across the border, to the western part of Ukraine, zone of Chernovtsy. The transports are organized by the Soroptimists of Edinet. ln Ukraine, contacts who take over and distribute the goods are already established.

  • purchase supplies in Moldova for short term support (food, clothing, medicines, hygiene products, means of communication, etc.);
  • purchase inventories in Moldova and transport to the specific destination -a temporary refugee shelter
  • transport of supplies of food and medical supplies to the temporary refugees shelters as well as to locations prior established to gather supplies for those who found shelter at private locations.

Methods of implementing the project:

Individual and collective approach in identifying and supporting the internal refugees by the members of SI Edinet. The project will be implemented mainly on the territory of Ukraine, the geographical region of Chernovtsy, with focus on Yordaneshty (Iordanesti), Novoselytsya (Noua Sulita) and Mamalyga (Mamaliga) at the border with Romania and Moldova.

Person of contact: Iona CIUMAC, Secretary of SI Edinet /


The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine has caused casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure, forcing people to flee their homes seeking safety, protection, and assistance. Millions of refugees from Ukraine have crossed borders to the neighbouring countries (about 8 Mil. since 24th February) and many of them have been forced to move inside the country. Many who left for other countries are returning to Ukraine.

As Moldova and Ukraine share the same history many of the Soroptimists have roots in Ukraine, it became “natural” to bring assistance to refugees in the Republic of Moldova but also to internal refugees staying close to the border to Moldova on the Ukrainian side. This is the reason why the club of Edinet decided to start project of assistance and support of internal refugees in Ukraine in the proximity of the border with Republic of Moldova.

Evaluation – Follow-up

The evaluation of the project will be realised through questionnaires addressed to the refugees, photos and videos about activities realised only if possible as this is in the warzone. At the end a report about the implementation of the project will be released.

Thank you to all the contributors!

The requested funds have been reached.

The Club has received donations amounting to € 16501.97!

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