Project Description

Socio-professional Training Centre in Uvira (DRC)

  • Focus: Education & Women’s Empowerment
  • Location: Uvira (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Start date: January 2019 – December 2021
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Val Brabant-Waterloo (Belgium)
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach:  between 520 & 550

Funds needed:
€ 3,000

The Project

Promote the rights of young domestic workers (the ILO Convention adopted on 16 June 2011 concerning the status of domestic workers is rarely respected) and contribute to their quality basic school education and vocational training.

Objectives of the project

Construction of a second floor for the Socio-professional Training Centre in order to double the training capacity of young domestic workers and to continue the project started in 2013, which has been operating independently since December 2018.

In view of the positive results of the construction of the first floor (March 2019 to December 2019), the second floor should be completed at the end of 2020-early 2021 depending on the necessary funding.

Needs addressed by the project

Doubling the capacity is essential.

It is necessary to have two to three additional classes.

The demand for training in trimming and sewing is increasing so much that it will quickly occupy the entire first floor (one class and one training/production workshop).

The extra classes, at the second floor, will be used for literacy, English and theory for cooking, the practice still being done in the small restaurant opened a few years ago.

More than eight million young domestic workers, 80% of whom are girls. A fifth never go to school.

The Val Brabant-Waterloo Club has been campaigning since 2013 to get these young workers, who are not taken care of, out of the shadows.

Methods of implementation of the project

  • The start of the project is the financial contribution so that our local partner on the spot WCP (Women and Children Protection) can buy the material for the construction.
  • We have the experience of 7 years of collaboration with WCP to know that every euro sent will be put to good use. We receive reports and photos.
  • On the spot we have two local partners WCP (construction contractor) and IDAY International (NGO that supports education in Africa).
  • The project is located in Uvira in South Kivu, DRC.

Expected results

Enable about fifty girls to have access to basic schooling and learn a trade (sewing and/or cooking) in order to be able to support themselves, since as they get older, they are usually thrown out of their employer’s home. Some will also be able to learn English.


IDAY International (

– Initiator of the call for projects in 2013 to which the club of Beersel and Val Brabant-Waterloo responded.

– Is in close contact with WCP, sends the money and asks for proof of its use.

– Is in local contact with WCP through its local channel IDAY Kivu.

– Has, on two occasions already, sent, Mrs Audrey Laviolette mission officer for education in this region of Africa on the spot. She returned in mid-February.

– Our club is in constant contact with IDAY, whose headquarters are in our region.

WCP (Women and Children Protection)

– On site is the construction manager, but also the manager of this centre.

– He is responsible for the financial and administrative running of the centre.

– Ensures that the training is carried out seriously.

– Is in contact with the local authorities so that the diplomas are recognized by the state.

– Has an important advocacy function with the population, local and national authorities to defend the rights of young domestic workers (conferences, local press and especially radio).


Every year, we receive an activity report, a detailed financial report and photos.

In addition, we meet Mrs Audrey Laviolette not only on her return from Uvira, but several times a year to review the situation by telephone and in writing with the person in charge of WCP, so the project is followed step by step.

An external evaluation of this project which started in 2013 is planned for 2021,  in order to make it into a pilot project that would serve as a successful example for the creation of other training centres for young domestic workers in Africa. The money for this evaluation has just been found via a private donor.

Since 2018, the Training Centre has been financially autonomous thanks to its sewing workshop and small restaurant.

The project is therefore sustainable.

Thank you to the following Clubs/Unions:

  • SI Muskogee (Oklahoma, USA): $ 343.069 (US Dollars)

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