Project Description

Sheep fattening Project for 10 Women and 10 Girls
from Koutiala (Mali)

  • Focus: Women’s Empowerment
  • Location: Koutiala (Mali)
  • Start date: As soon as possible (12-month project)
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Koori (Mali)
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: 20

Funds needed:
€ 4,440

The Project

The purpose of the project is to set up a sheep fattening business to create an income stream for women. The financing will make it possible to commit the initial investment required to set up the stock fattening business. The activity will be run by the women and organized by Soroptimists. This investment finances:

  • The construction of the infrastructures necessary to the business
  • The purchase of the first sheep
  • The veterinary food and care for the first fattening cycles

At the end of each fattening cycle (approximately three months), the club will reinvest the capital for another cycle. In this way, not only will the project be self-financing, but it will also be viable and able to grow from the first cycle. Initially, each of the 20 women will fatten 2 sheep, making a total of 40 sheep for the project.


The main activitiy of Koutiala is agro-pastoral. The entire local economy centres on the exploitation of agricultural resources. The local economy is heavily dependent on breeding. Sheep fattening is an economic activity practiced by the inhabitants of Koutiala (in particular by women) and helps diversify incomes. There is a very strong demand.

Indeed, sheep fattening is an activity which provides many people with employment and income during the dry season. However, the traditional method is still used, characterized by low productivity due to problems such as:

  • Ignorance of feeding techniques
  • Virtually non-existent veterinary health care
  • Poor levels of hygiene

Evaluation – Follow-up

An evaluation committee will monitor production and marketing. At the end of each cycle (production and marketing), members will meet to exchange views on arising issues; potentially propose solutions, share success stories and discuss challenges to overcome.

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