Project Description

 Project to develop a fountain terminal in the district of Rubavu (Rwanda)

  • Focus: Health
  • Location: Bihe agglomeration / Bugeshi district of Rubavu (Rwanda)
  • Start date: April 2020 – September 2020
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Gisenyi (Rwanda)
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: 61 families composed of 377 people

Funds needed:
€ 9,905

The Project

The project aims to provide drinking water to a village in a volcanic area inhabited by 61 families of a population of 377. Actually, to access the nearest water supply, the population must travel a distance of 2 to 3km when the rule defines 500m as the maximum distance to travel to have water.
It is for this reason that these families are satisfied, in the rainy season, with water that stagnates on the roads (it is available for the animals that circulate and germs develop there at will), so they are exposed to a multitude of diseases.

Goals of the project

• Install a dual tap water fountain in the beneficiaries’ village
• Provide the village with drinking water
• Reduce distance and time to access safe drinking water
• Allow girls to attend school and have time to prepare for their lessons the next day
• To enable women to provide good care to their respective families.
• Improvement of family hygiene through the availability of water at a reasonable distance
• Protect girls and women from violence when they have to walk in the dark in search of water


The population concerned by the project lives in a village located under the 4507m high Karisimbi volcano, on a lava surface where there are almost no water sources.

Clean water is a source of health. Our region suffers enormously from the lack of water until it feels relieved during the period of heavy rains, which encourage the multiplication of puddles of water on the paths that also serve as watering troughs for domestic animals and to wild animals, not to mention the multiplication of germs that increase the population’s health problems.

All this has led us to reflect on this project for which we are asking for help in its implementation.

The public water supply is at a very long distance which goes up to 3km when the rule is to have water at least in 500m; Women and girls are traditionally in charge of household tasks and therefore the search for water.

The long distances to travel take so long that the rest of life suffers enormously: good health, schooling, participation in development activities such as cooperatives, vocational training…

As mentioned above, exhaustion attempts to take water anywhere, regardless of quality. Poor, overworked girls and women are at risk of violence if they have to fetch water too soon or too late in the dark.

The implementation of our project will allow the beneficiaries (girls and women) to have their responsibilities alleviated and will be eased in the performance of the rest of the tasks entrusted to them. Given the difficult transport of water, (on the head and on rough roads) is also an important reason to help women and girls to lead a descent life and enjoy their right to rest.

Methods of implementation

For the success of this project, the following activities are required:
1 Install a pipe from the duct to bring water to the village of Bihe,= which is the subject of the project Labour under the supervision of Aqua Virunga, water company in the area
2 build a fountain = Aqua Virunga Technicians
3 Install the necessary pipes and taps = Aqua Virunga Technicians
4 Provide education sessions: good infrastructure management, water, food and personal hygiene, clothing, etc =  Soroptimist members and local health workers
5 Provide education on rights and duties of beneficiaries in the upkeep of the infrastructures and their sustainability =  Soroptimist members and local authorities
6 Provide education on combating violence against women and girls in all its aspects =  Soroptimist members and local authorities

Evaluation – Follow-up

The Club will have to make evaluation visits and receive reports from the beneficiaries and send feedback to the authorities and donors.

Expected outcomes

  • The travel time to the water will be greatly reduced
  • The collection of rainwater will no longer exist
  • Night racing and lost time at the source will no longer have any reason to be
  • The population will wear clean clothes and the kitchen utensils will be well cleaned
  • Diseases due to lack of hygiene will be reduced
  • School attendance by girls will be improved
  • The 61 families made up of 377 people will be satisfied by the realization of the project and the women and girls will be trained for the proper management of the standpipe for its sustainability.


The Soroptimist Union of Norway is aware of our project and encourages us to continue it. The club is in communication with the company Aqua Virunga who has established the estimate of the works and who is ready to ensure execution of the works once the available budget The Soroptimist club of Gisenyi, initiator of the project is available to ensure the execution of the works, will have to collaborate with the local administrative and political authorities for the safety and the good management of the infrastructures. The club will also ensure the education of beneficiaries to family hygiene, the fight against violence against women. Communication will be provided by the club and in particular the person in charge of communication at the club Noelle Nyirabihogo.

Thank you to the following Clubs/Unions:

  • SI Norway: € 1000

  • SI Larvik (Norway): € 500

  • SI Larvik (Norway) – single contribution: € 150

  • SI  Fredrikstad & SI Larvik (Norway)  : € 305

  • SI Roma Tiber (Italy)  : € 957

  • SI Larvik (Norway) –  Club contribution: € 1170

  • SI Larvik (Norway) – members contribution: € 155

  • SI Norway (Union)  : € 375

  • SI Larvik (Norway) –  individual contributions: € 845

  • SI Norway (Union) – May 2021  : € 1000

  • SI Larvik (Norway) –  members contribution – May 2021: € 130

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