Project Description


  • Focus: Violence against Women
  • Location: Tongeren (Belgium)
  • Start date: Project launched and in progress
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Tongeren (Belgium)
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: 120 to 150

Funds needed:
€ 10,000

1. Project Background

Each year in Belgium, 150 women die as a direct consequence of domestic violence, and several thousands of women are victims of violence perpetrated within the family home.

Women without sufficient financial means are unable to consult a private psychotherapist and are reliant on public social services. Unfortunately, there is a very long waiting list to see a public mental health care specialist, whereas certain situations are acute and require urgent intervention.

TRAMPOLIEN intervene to offer psychological support for women/children who are unable to afford private care.

2. Objective

To secure the long-term viability of the project launched by Soroptimist Club Tongeren in 2014.

3. Needs addressed by the project

One of our members, a family court judge, shared her concerns with us. She was confronted daily with women and children who would have greatly benefited from psychological support, but this help was not accessible to them.

We have been studying the problem and noted that for many victims of family violence psychotherapeutic help was unavailable.

One of the objectives of Soroptimism is to improve the life of women and girls. The Trampolien project contributes to fulfill this mission. To relieve suffering and to give women strength and assertion.

A strong, well-adjusted mother is in a better position to ensure the wellbeing of her children and to break this circle of violence where girls regard receiving blows as normal, and where the boys copy the violent behaviour of the father.

4. Methods of project implementation

The project is an initiative of the Soroptimist Club of Tongeren which set up ASBL TRAMPOLIEN. To fundraise our project several events have been organised:

  • June 17 2018 – Cultural and nature walk within the grounds of Château Widooie.
  • August 31 2018 – Soroptimists tread the catwalk to raise money for TRAMPOLIEN

September 2018 – “Aan tafel” dinner with the profits going to TRAMPOLIEN

5. Expected results

In 2016, we helped around forty women and children.

In 2018, our project is becoming increasingly well known, and during the first 6 months we logged 58 requests for intervention. This rise does not surprise us, since Tongeren is a vulnerable region with 33% of the population living below the poverty line.

The emails and messages of thanks we receive confirm TRAMPOLIEN has become an essential link in our community.

6. Partners

The Sorop team managing the TRAMPOLIEN project takes part in congresses, child awareness days, and collaborates with the local social services to inform them about local needs.

We go to Brussels to knock on the door of the minister responsible for social care where we have stated the case for better support for the victims of domestic violence.

7. Evaluation

This is a project in progress. The Soroptimist team managing the project calls upon the services of motivated voluntary collaborators, but the Soroptimist Club will continue to steer the project.

This working group meets twice a month.

8. Knowledge which can be passed on

The problem is not confined to our locality, and we are happy to pass on our know-how to other Soroptimist clubs. We have already presented our TRAMPOLIEN project to several clubs.

9. Budget

We allocate a budget of 500 euros per `client’ and we envisage +/- 120 to 150 `clients’.

to help these people, we need to find 60,000 euros. A contribution of 10,000 euros via Project Matching would be a great boost for team TRAMPOLIEN.

10. More information:

Website Trampolien

Video Trampolien

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