Project Description

Apiafrique (Senegal)

  • Focus:  Education, Women’s Empowerment, Health
  • Location: Senegal
  • Start date: As soon as possible 
  • Club / Union : Soroptimist Club of Vallauris-Sophia-Antipolis-Mougins (France)
  • Number of women/girls this project reached/will reach: 700

Funds needed:
€ 10,000

The project has been successfully completed!

The Project

ApiAfrique has launched its TAKE PART campaign to provide kits containing 3 sanitary napkins to 700 teenagers at Ngaparou High School, some 70 km away from Dakar, as well as an explanatory booklet on the menstrual cycle. Too many girls miss school during their periods and thus impact their schooling and social life. Hygiene products are expensive and unreliable for daily activities.


  • Raise awareness among high school girls about the menstrual cycle
  • Provide access to reliable, adapted and eco-friendly products
  • Job creation
  • Development of women’s empowerment and autonomy

For more please click HERE to read the full project (in French)


Founded in 2010, the French company ApiNapi, specialized in washable hygiene products, has realized that their goods would also be needed in Africa, where it is pretty common for women to be unable to afford sanitary protection or to use inadequate products. In 2016, ApiAfrique started its activities in Senegal. This social enterprise then tends to promote sustainable solutions for women and babies, as well as for nature: women’s empowerment, job creation and waste reduction.

Evaluation – Follow-up

The TAKE PART campaign was launched in September 2018, in order to solicit third-party payers to finance the distribution of 700 hygiene kits for Senegalese high school girls. These kits should be distributed at the beginning of the next school year.

Vallauris-Sophia-Antipolis-Mougins Club supports this project and has found in Dakar Single Club a precious help to coordinate it. The latter has indeed taken on the preparatory work for the smooth production of the napkins, which will obviously depend on the outcome of the donations. ApiAfrique and SIE  will work together in the distribution of hygiene kits, but also in the diffusion of useful information for their use.

Clubs that wish to support this project may also be interested in organizing events related to girls’ and women’s education issues in Africa, but also to their emancipation and empowerment.

Thank you to the following Clubs/Unions:

  • SI Digne (France): € 500

  • SI Grenoble (France): € 1000

  • SI Munich (Germany): € 500

  • SI Vallauris (France): € 1000

  • Roswitha Ott Fund: € 5000

  • SI Menton (France): € 500

  • SI Nice Azur (France): € 500

  • SI Hyères les Palmiers (France): € 100

  • SI Haute Provence (France): € 500

  • ApiAfrique (gofundme): € 400

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