1. Proposal Instructions

  • The proposal must be completed by the Union / Club / Single Club requesting support.
  • It must include all information requested, including a detailed budget.
  • The programme department or the Union / Club / Single Club offering support may ask for any additional information they feel is necessary to fully or partially support the project.
  • The length of the proposal should be no more than four pages.
  • Applications should be submitted by email.
  • All applicants must submit project pictures by email.
General Information

2. General Information

download and fill out the application form


3. Narrative

Please provide no more than four pages of narrative about the project. The proposal should contain seven parts and correspond to the parts listed below.

  1. Goals of the project. What are the overall goals that the project will accomplish?
  2. Objectives of the project. It is important that your objectives are Specific, Measureable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART).
  3. Need project is addressing: State the specific problem the project is addressing. What led your Union / Club / Single Club to initiate this project? How will this project benefit women and/or girls?
  4. Methods of implementing the project: Describe the specific activities the Union / Club / Single Club will undertake to achieve the goals of the project. Who is responsible for the activities? Where will the project be implemented?
  5. Expected outcomes: Describe specific, measurable outcomes(s) of the project. Describe the outcome or impact of the project on women and/or girls, including how many people will benefit? Describe how the project can contribute to the well-being of the local community? What is or will be the involvement of women and/or girls in the execution and the follow-up of the project?
  6. Partners: Will the Union / Club / Single Club be cooperating with other organizations? Please list all other organizations involved in the project and explain the role they will play. Who will ensure communication?
  7. Evaluation: How will the success of the project be evaluated? Please describe when, how and what will be evaluated. How will the project be sustained? What role will the Union / Club / Single Club play in on-going support and monitoring of the project? Will the Union / Club / Single Club continue to monitor the project even after the completion?

4. Budget

Please include a detailed budget for the project.

Return completed applications or address any questions to:


E-mail: programme@soroptimisteurope.org

Mail: SIE Headquarters, Route de Florissant 72, CH-1206 Geneva, Switzerland

Fax: +41 22 789 0443

Our Headquarter Team is here to help you!

Senior Programme Officer

Bintou Koita